Missing Phoneme

Published 27 April 2022, 9:53 PM


tattykitkatty · Missing Phoneme


I am naught but a dying star.
I lived only
for you.

As signal swims
Through wire
That produces a sound
From my lip.

The form of the words
I attempted to speak-
Their phonemes
Are sullied

As functions slip,
I fall further away from us
Basking in the light of Jupiter.

I wish I knew the words
You attempted to speak

As signal swims
through neuron,
The sound is blocked
By the lip

But your cold stare, wandering eye
Is all the sound that’s needed-
And it is worse than the cold
which spreads from my core.

As soft melody plays,
A lullaby
For those who won’t live to see
The morning dew

Was I naught but a dying star,
To you?